FTBx-88460 – multiservice test solution for the field

To keep pace with bandwidth demands, network operators are supporting higher transmission rates and data centers are upgrading both the capacity and number of their facilities. The industry standards’ bodies are pushed to develop more and faster Ethernet speeds, such as 400GE, to support trends like IoT, cloud, big data, and 5G.

Network infrastructure planners must deal with skyrocketing demands for more bandwidth, including in the data center interconnect (DCI) or even in core and metro networks. Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) continue to push the limits of technology, developing increasingly innovative 400G solutions. Service providers are constantly expanding their networks, looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to deploy those high-speed circuits.

Preparing the 400G ecosystem for prime time

Enter the compact FTBx-88460 Power Blazer modules. Offering a complete suite of 400G ecosystem testing capabilities, they address the requirements of early adopters and transition smoothly from in-lab innovation to testing in the field.

Compatible with portable and rackmount platforms

These new Power Blazer modules deliver an optimized and portable testing solution. Insert modules into the FTB-4 Pro for the most compact 400G solution on the market—easy to transport both within and outside the lab environment.

For rackmount applications, FTBx-88460 Power Blazer Series solutions are compatible with EXFO’s LTB-8 Rackmount Platform. Featuring the ability to support up to two modules running simultaneously, they are the industry’s only solutions that can test up to 800G—ideal for testing today’s complex and bandwidth-hungry networks.

400G Ethernet

The FTBx-88460 Power Blazer Series offers advanced Ethernet testing capabilities, including forward error correction monitoring and validation. The Power Blazer’s 400G Ethernet testing capabilities include:

  • 400G Ethernet MAC PCS/PMA/PMD layer testing
  • FEC KP4 RS (544, 514) decoding and error correction
  • Test pattern monitoring
  • MDIO read/write
  • Alarms/errors generating and monitoring
  • Skew measurement per lane
  • FEC testing
  • BER monitoring

FlexE (Flex Ethernet)

Flex Ethernet is a key technology for data centers, helping them deliver links that are faster than emerging 400G solutions. The Flex Ethernet (FlexE) supports one or more bonded 100GBASE-R PHYs supporting multiple and mixed Ethernet MAC clients operating at rates of 5, 10, 25, 40, 50, 100 or up to 400 Gbit/s. It also supports sub-rate links (i.e., 10G, 25G and 50G) which are essential for data centers but also for carriers that need to isolate their traffic..

FlexE testing capabilities include:

  • FlexE groups
  • Mixed Ethernet client types
  • Client ID edition
  • FlexE shim configuration
  • FlexE alarms/errors generation and monitoring
  • Alignment marker corruption and substitution
  • Full client to calendar slot assignment edition capabilities

Advanced optics support

The following transceivers are supported on the FTBx-88460: QSFP-DD (TA4), CFP8 (TA4), QSFP28

Rapid evolution in transceiver technology

Whether motivated by cost, power requirements, space or increased demand for bandwidth, pluggable transceivers are evolving rapidly. Predicting how long an existing transceiver will be required before another comes along to take its place is tough—making the obsolescence of today’s hardware simply a waiting game.

Another challenge is that network operators and data centers still need to support existing technologies, but also be ready to address new rates and technologies without always doing forklift upgrades. New high-speed transceivers (pluggables) are being designed to be smaller and consume less power in order to meet the requirements of delivering high port density at a low cost. Whether it’s QSFP-DD, OSFP, or even COBO, it’s clear that in the upcoming 400G world, integrating all these into a network—as well as testing and validating them—is a huge task. The smart move is to allocate budget for versatile—not limited—solutions.

EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS)

Introducing a new concept available on the FTBx-88460 Power Blazer module: EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS). The OTS is an innovative, evolutionary design enabling any transceiver (now or future) to fit into an EXFO test solution. Benefits include:

  • Experience ultimate flexibility—swap out OTS modules right in the field, lab or on the production floor, choosing only the ones needed for whichever applications, rates or technologies under test.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the necessity to completely replace an expensive testing module. Instead, change a less costly OTS module and extend the life of testing equipment.
  • Support multiple transceiver types simultaneously with a future-proof architecture designed to handle both current and upcoming high-speed transceiver technologies as they are developed and launched.

 Support for multiple transceiver types

The FTBx-88460 Power Blazer module supports the transceiver types listed below.

QSFP-DD support

  • 400G data rate
  • PAM4 support
  • 8x50G electrical/
    optical lanes

OSFP support

  • 400G data rate
  • PAM4 support
  • 8 x 50G electrical/optical lanes

CFP8 support

  • 400G data rate
  • NRZ to PAM4 support
  • 16 x 25G electrical / 8x50G optical lanes

FastReporter 2 – data post-processing software

Consolidated data management and post-processing tool that increases reporting productivity for connector endface inspection and all types of optical-layer testing including optical link mapping (iOLM), OTDR, ORL, loss, PMD and chromatic dispersion.


EXFO Connect – cloud-based test management

Make your data mean business

EXFO Connect completely redefines integrated testing with its cloud-hosted solution. Equipped with a powerful database and application technologies, EXFO Connect provides an automated, secure environment that links together your EXFO test instruments and centralizes captured data across your organization. With its powerful correlation engine, EXFO Connects enables you to convert captured data into actionable information through customized test-data reporting and features that streamline test operations from build-out to maintenance.


Test Equipment Manager

EXFO Connect’s Test Equipment Manager is an automated application that centralizes the management of all EXFO test instruments. It’s a repository for software loads, licenses and platform profiles to help managers handle constant demands for software updates. It keeps track of equipment and ensures field technicians are equipped with up-to-date capabilities.


Test Data Manager

An automated application, EXFO Connect’s Test Data Manager provides a secure and centralized environment in which test data is collected, archived and referenced for future use. With test results at their fingertips, managers can create birth certificates, generate reports and set benchmarks. Plus, with database backup, no data is ever lost.


FTB Anywhere: floating test licenses

FTB Anywhere™ is a shared test licenses capability for the award-winning FTB platform ecosystem. This unique approach in delivering advanced test applications enables network operators to purchase a certain number of cloud-hosted licenses that can be shared instantly with their technicians, wherever they are. Operators can thus equip all their technicians with any required test functionality at a fraction of the cost of upgrading their full fleet of test units and simplify equipment-management logistics, while avoiding costly delays.


Contractor Mode

With EXFO Connect’s Contractor Mode, service providers allow contractors to securely connect their test sets to a segregated area of their EXFO Connect server. The contractors’ technicians can download test procedures, configuration files as well as other helpful information, like how-to videos, to ensure faster job completion. Once the job is done, the technicians simply upload the test results, making the files immediately available to the service provider. Consider workflow automation optimized.


Remote control

EXFO Connect allows service providers to remotely control all their FTB based test sets. This is a very useful feature when a technician is having trouble out in the field and needs support. This feature makes all technicians, regardless of skill set, capable of handling any situation.

In Contractor Mode, service providers can also control a contractor’s test set. Since not all technicians have the same level of experience, service providers can step in and provide support whenever needed to ensure that they get the right test results.



These flexible, extendable application programming interfaces (APIs) enable complete workflow automation from work-order upload to test-data filtering and download. Service providers can accelerate work-order assignment and accuracy, and harness the full value of the generated test data in order to optimize network efficiency—all this in a highly automated, secure and centralized environment.


Maximize the use of all your field test assets

EXFO Connect enables you to improve business processes by managing your entire fleet of FTB and MaxTester units to leverage all the data collected by your technicians or contractors. The MaxTester 600 Series of wideband copper and DSL testers and the MaxTester 700B/C Series of handheld OTDRs offers a subset version of the EXFO Connect functionalities currently available for the FTB Ecosystem.


TestFlow – field test management solution

Get more business, do less admin

Network transformations are driving fiber deeper everywhere. This means that good enough testing is no longer good enough – inefficient, error-prone manual processes will take their toll on revenues. Did you know that admin and reporting tasks can take up half of the time of technicians on a field job? On the backend, processing high volumes of test results also ties up a lot of management time. With more to do in less time, reviewing results is often what is ditched first. When spot-checking becomes the only option, it is vital that you can trust your results, your technicians and contractors.


FTB OnDemand – time-based software license

Time-based software licenses

FTB OnDemand orchestrates the instantiation of licenses enabling customers to activate a wide range of testing functionalities—such as 100G testing—for a specific period time to match their exact testing requirements. This flexibility is perfect for situations where a test function is only needed for a specific project or for a new service that is still in the early ramp-up stage. FTB OnDemand is part of EXFO TFv, the industry’s first suite of defined offerings that focuses on test function virtualization.


Unique, flexible software architecture

Thanks to EXFO’s leadership in cloud-based test solutions, our solution features a unique and flexible software architecture that is easily compatible with a number of EXFO’s best-in-class test modules including:


CAPEX- and OPEX-conscious solution

FTB OnDemand delivers the flexibility to perform a specific test, on a specific module for a specific period of time. This solution allows for barrier-free entry, reduced costs, increased business productivity and greater flexibility, not to mention maximum scalability and efficiency when it comes to network testing and service turn-up.


FTB Anywhere – floating test licenses

Pushing the limits of cost efficient testing

No more: technician A needs 100G capability, but that unit is with technician B (300 miles away).

Now: 100% functionality for all your technicians, in any testing situation.

  • Flexibility and agility to address any testing situation—always the right solution
  • Increased productivity—more done in less time
  • No idle time

Maximum flexibility within budget

No more: deciding which units and which technicians get the upgrade.

Now: without “upgrading” the budget, all your units and technicians can use the licenses.

  • More testing capabilities without spending more
  • 100% functionality for all your technicians, at all time
  • Minimum investment leveraged throughout your organization

Eliminating logistical nightmares

No more: shipping units for upgrades (with the accompanying costs and delays).

Now: instantaneous access to needed features, no shipping, no delays.

  • No need to ship units—no waybill, no tracking, no customs clearing, no lost or damaged units
  • No need to manage the equipment pool
  • Much simpler operational processes

FTBx-5245/5255 – optical spectrum analyzers for the field

The new FTBx-5255 is the only OSA on the market to address all applications in a single module:

  • High-speed DWDM, with OSNR measurements from 10G to 400G, including In-service Pol-Mux OSNR
  • CWDM spectral analysis
  • Spectral analysis of pluggable transceivers (CFP, XFP, etc.) on the O-band, 1300 nm region, as well as L-band transceivers

New in-service Pol-Mux OSNR

With the advent of EXFO’s In-service Pol-Mux OSNR method (INSPM), the wait for a non-intrusive Pol-Mux OSNR method that works on live networks is now over! This robust method features a high dynamic range and provides very accurate Pol-Mux OSNR values for 40G/100G/200G/400G* signals. It is the preferred method for reducing coherent network outages, pinpointing defective amplifiers and decreasing troubleshooting time.

Analyze any WDM network

Regardless your network specificities and testing requirements, the FTBx-5245/5255 covers your DWDM applications and all channel spacings—from 25 GHz DWDM to CWDM—which is what we like to refer to as “no-compromise performance”.

Powerful platforms, powerful combos

Housed in the compact and portable FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro platforms, or in the rack-mountable LTB-8 platform, the FTBx-5245/5255 OSA test modules provide all the tools needed for maximum field efficiency from the market’s most compact high-speed deployment and multiservice testing solutions. When equipped with the commissioning assistant option or the In-service Pol-Mux option, this versatile OSA can be combined with the FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer module to become the industry’s smallest OSA/transport solution in a single platform for commissioning 40G/400G circuits.


FOT-5205 – DWDM channel checker

Deploying Remote PHY? Meet your new best friend.

For cable operators, Remote PHY is the next major network architecture change. This new technology brings fiber much deeper into the network—and much closer to the end user. Remote PHY also triggers the evolution from analog optics to digital optics, featuring Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) for increased capacity.

The FOT-5205 meets the testing needs of Remote PHY deployments in terms of spectral range, power range and channel spacing. It is the ideal tool for successful network commissioning and effective troubleshooting.

Extremely fast measurement time

EXFO understands that field technicians want to get the job done the first time—and quickly. The FOT-5205 boasts a measurement time of less than 0.5 seconds, one of the fastest in the industry.

Unparalleled testing capabilities

Unlike some competing products, EXFO’s FOT-5205 is sensitive enough to detect low power signals, down to -50 dBm. This feature is especially important when measuring through monitor ports because these reduce the signal power by approximately 20 dB.