FOT-300 – optical loss test set

The FOT-300 combines a source port and a power meter. It offers up to three singlemode or two multimode sources on a single port and transmits with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, so that any compatible unit—such as the FPM-300 Power Meter or another FOT-300 Optical Loss Test Set—can automatically use the proper calibration parameters. This reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error.

An FTTx test solution

This product is part of EXFO’s series of FTTx optical test products. It allows for the testing of passive optical networks (PONs) at the three main wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks and complies with the ITU-T G.983 and G.984 Recommendation series and the IEEE 802.3ah standard.

Distant referencing

Signal encrypting can also give the receiving end information on the power to be used as reference, helping ensure efficient referencing, even when the two units are far apart.

No offset nulling

Thanks to its unique design, the FOT-300 Optical Loss Test Set reduces measurement time in typical measurement situations, as the need for an offset nulling is eliminated.


FOT-600 – optical loss test set

Ideal for Network-Link Qualification

Designed for first-class ease of use, the FOT-600 features a pass/fail LED indicator; what’s more, it lets you set your own thresholds for absolute or relative loss measurements.

Thanks to its memory capacity of 1000 data items and its built-in reporting software, the FOT-600 facilitates data management and enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection. Create and customize a complete test report, including certification of the link with pass/fail information.

Error-Free Test Features in a Highly Versatile Unit

When using the FOT-600 in Auto-Switching mode, the light source automatically toggles between available wavelengths. The power meter recognizes the wavelength in use and switches to the proper calibration parameter. With a press of a button, you can store results for all wavelengths at once, providing easy and error-free testing.

Thanks to its unique design, the FOT-600 Optical Loss Test Set reduces risk of error and measurement time in typical measurement situations, as the need for an offset nulling is eliminated.

In addition to network-link qualification features, the highly accurate FOT-600 offers over 40 calibrated wavelengths, including all CWDM wavelengths. What’s more, it lets you measure power fluctuations with its Hold Min/Max Power function.

FTTx Ready

EXFO’s FOT-600 allows for the testing of passive optical networks (PONs) at 1310 nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm, the three wavelengths recommended by the ITU-T (G.983.3) for PONs.

Rugged and Versatile

Like all EXFO portable instruments, the FOT-600 is built for top ruggedness and versatility, perfect for the harshest test conditions.

It features a keypad/LCD backlight, for easy operation in darker environments. What’s more, it is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Reporting Software

This new software tool enables you to produce professional-looking reports with comprehensive documentation. It also offers these functionalities:

  • Two test files can be merged into one test report
  • Pass/fail thresholds that are active during download are automatically activated and displayed in the Report Viewer
  • One-touch storage of results for all wavelengths at once
  • Unit B configuration information can be input and documented
  • Data transfer can be launched from the Report Viewer window
  • A pass/fail threshold can be set for an individual fiber or wavelength

MaxTester 940/945 – fiber certifier OLTS

Full-fledged units at both ends

Both the main and remote units are full-fledged to maximize the efficiency of each technician:

  • FasTesT™ results with diagnostics are displayed on both units at the end of each test.
  • Both technicians can certify the fiber connectors with an fiber inspection probe via the large touchscreens available on the both units.

With the MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier, the remote technician is no longer blind and more efficient.

Onboard assistance and diagnosis

The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier provides a foolproof method against test cord reference mistakes and negative loss thanks to its step-by-step wizard that guides technicians along the referencing and the verification process, as per industry standards. The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier goes even further by diagnosing the possible causes of fail results and gives guidance to fix issues.

Three-year peace-of-mind warranty and calibration interval

The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier has been rigorously tested to guarantee the highest standards of reliability and durability. That is what makes us confident in offering a warranty and a recommended calibration interval of 3 years.

You can safely use this highly reliable instrument to get accurate test results, while significantly reducing your certifier’s cost of ownership (your cost of calibration and the related downtime will be divided by a factor of three).

Multistandard fiber certification

The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier lets you certify against both cabling and application standards at the same time. You can therefore certify the cabling–the physical quality of the fiber and its components like the splices and connectors–as well as the application that the fiber can carry, such as TIA-568, IEEE and or Fibre Channel.

Tablet-inspired design

With the most user-friendly display in the industry (7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen), the MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier delivers unprecedented user experience. Its integrated Wi-Fi/Bluetooth allows for high connectivity. The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier guarantees a full day of fieldwork with 12 hours of battery autonomy and internal memory capacity for over 200,000 test files.

Built-in encircled-flux compliancy

Each MaxTester 940/945 Fiber Certifier comes with a built-in Encircled-Flux (EF) compliant multimode light source. Furthermore, in order to maximize measurement accuracy and avoid invalid results, EXFO designed reference-grade test cords in compliance with the ISO/IEC 14763-3 standard requirements.

EXFO’s test cords are made from reference-grade connectors, and the fiber used is strictly controlled to ensure proper core size and geometry. For multimode testing, this allows to maintain EF-compliancy at the output of the test cord as required by the industry, without the need for an external EF-mode conditioner. These high-quality reference-grade test cords are less fragile and less expensive than EF-compliant test cords, helping to reduce your overall equipment cost of ownership.

EXFO’s test cords are also color-coded to avoid manipulation errors when they are connected to the test ports and device under test. The user interface displays animated instructions with the same color codes to facilitate the test process.

Optical plug-and-play options

The MaxTester 940/945 features plug-and-play optical options that can be purchased whenever you need them, at the time of your order or later on. In either case, installation is a snap you can do it by your own, without any software update required.

Visual fault locator (VFL)

The plug-and-play VFL easily identifies breaks, bends, faulty connectors and splices, in addition to other causes of signal loss. This basic, yet essential troubleshooting tool, should be part of every field technician’s toolbox. Visually locating faults by creating a bright-red glow at the exact location of the fault on singlemode or multimode fibers, it can detect faults over distances of up to 5 km.

Quad option for multimode units

The MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier multimode units offer maximum flexibility by featuring a unique quad-ready ability. Upgrading to the quad option is easy and instantaneous; thanks to a software key that activates the singlemode wavelengths. Singlemode wavelengths are pre-calibrated at the factory, so you are ready to test singlemode fibers right after the upgrade with no other constraints. This will save you both time and money.

Fully automated fiber inspection probe

Neglecting to clean, inspect and certify connectors can lead to serious, time-consuming problems accounting for up to 80% of network failures.

With its two full-fledge units, the MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier lets you certify connectors at both ends of the fiber, in the same workflow as the tier-1 certification. It is now easy to include connector certification in your regular method of procedures without compromising the efficiency of your technicians. You’ll no longer leave a stone unturned nor a connector uninspected!

Years of experience in the field have given EXFO the insight and the expertise to re-engineer a truly unique and innovative fiber inspection probe to greatly simplify and speed up this critical step.

Housing a unique automatic focus adjustment system, the FIP-400B automates each operation in the sequence of inspecting a connector endface. The result: fiber inspection is now a quick, one-step process that can be performed by technicians of all skill levels.

Fiber inspection probe
MF ready
MaxTester 730C
version B

MaxTester 940/945 – telco OLTS

An automated, highly precise OLTS that does all the hard work for you in seconds. And leaves no room for errors.

Meet the MaxTester 940/945 – a revolutionary test set which delivers outstanding speed and optical performances and has an advanced suite of user-assistance features.

With its step-by-step reference wizard and intelligent fault diagnosis, the MAX-940/945 provides expert guidance throughout the test process to ensure immediate efficiency by first-time users while removing risk of errors or negative loss—a common source of issues when testing low loss fibers.

Key benefits:

  • Test shorter links than ever before
  • Test Again feature to re-test bad fibers in just 3 easy steps
  • On-board, step-by-step animated reference assistant
  • Clear pass/fail status with on-board diagnosis
  • Fully automated fiber inspection
  • One-cord Simplex reference method (patent-pending)
  • Online reporting live from the field

Test shorter links than ever before

Thanks to highly accurate optics, this OLTS can test with extreme precision short links with very low loss.

EXFO’s patent-pending one-cord reference method

Greatly reduces test uncertainty for greater test accuracy which is a key factor when testing short fiber links such as drop fibers in FTTH networks.



FTBx-940/945 Telco OLTS

Telco fully automated OLTS module

The FTBx-940/945 Telco OLTS can measure insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and fiber length at two wavelengths under 5 seconds via fully automated bidirectional FasTesT™ analysis. FTTx certification and outside plant network testing just became a lot faster.

OLTS module for Telco, FTTx and outside plant testing

Ever since its introduction in 1996, the patented FasTesT™ technology revolutionized the industry by fully automating the test sequence, thereby saving countless hours of testing and troubleshooting in the field. Proven in thousands of diverse network deployments across the globe, FasTesT™ truly generates CAPEX/OPEX savings.



FTBx-940/945 Fiber Certifier OLTS

Data center and enterprise Tier 1 fiber certification

The FTBx-940/945 Fiber Certifier OLTS has been specifically designed for characterizing high volumes of data center fiber links. Technicians need to work as fast and as accurately as possible to keep expenses down and optimize certification time. An intuitive Windows-like user interface, icon-based functions as well as onboard assistance ensure that learning curves are minimized and measurements quickly recorded.

OLTS module for Tier 1 certification

Fully featured Tier-1 certifier. Combine the FTBx-940/945 with EXFO’s OTDR/iOLM for an all-in-one Tier-1 and Tier-2 test, Ethernet testing or with any other EXFO FTBx module for a fully flexible test solution.