Probe photographiée: FIP-430B

FIP-400B USB – fiber inspection probe

These intelligent and automated test tools transform fiber inspection into a faster and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results, and preventing the reporting of false-positive results.


FIP-400B Wireless – fiber inspection probe

By combining unmatched ease of use and WiFi connectivity along with the flexibility and portability of Android™ and iOS smart devices, EXFO is removing the last roadblocks in connector certification and making testing simple and headache-free. With the FIP-435B, there is nothing restricting your field crews from following fiber-testing best practices and eradicating faulty connector issues impacting the performance of your network.

  • No matter your fiber testing experience, simply connect the probe and let it do all the work.
  • Screenless, single-handed operation means smartphone stays in your pocket. LED indicator quickly communicates results.
  • Use your smart device to sync with operator database and comply with existing workflow and processes.
  • Connector endface pass/fail analysis based on industry standards (IEC, IPC). No room for results misinterpretation.
  • Onboard rechargeable battery supporting a full-day of inspection and preventing your smart device to drain its charge.

Bring it with you anywhere

Whenever problems arise in whichever type of fiber network deployed—FTTx, central offices, private networks, data centers, fronthaul/backhaul etc.—fiber connectors are the first critical elements to validate. Thanks to it’s fully automated test sequence, compatibility with AndroidTM and iOS devices and freedom of use, the FIP-435B allows everyone working on your network—regardless of background or skill level—to be equipped to perform first level troubleshooting tasks and address this most common source of problems.

With the automated multifiber inspection tip, inspect multifiber MPO connectors in dense panels, reach recessed connectors and perform pass/fail assessments quickly and easily.

Fiber inspection reaches new heights

The FIP-435B wireless probe is the ideal inspection solution for fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and remote radio head (RRH) applications where tower climbers have a copper or RF background, thus are often new to fiber testing and also work in an environment where it’s difficult to carry bulky equipment up the towers. The FIP-435B helps reduce the number of climbs required and streamlines the work needed at the top of the tower.

  • Fully automated test process helps close the technology gap
  • Auto-focus and analysis protects against misinterpretation and prevents the risk of reporting false positive results
  • LED pass/fail indicator provides an immediate analysis result without having to look back to the smart device screen, allowing one-hand operation and easier manipulation

Fully-featured mobile application for Android™ and iOS

Using the ConnectorMax2 Mobile application, you can view fibers directly or capture and analyze the results.

  • Live video feed on your smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile-friendly design with no compromise on performance or functionality
  • View, analyze, certify, save, document and report instantly
  • Sync your results with colleagues, manager or operator database

The ConnectorMax2 Mobile application is available for iOS or Android.

Workflow integration and process compliance

As some telecom operators have already made the switch to smart devices for their field crews—or will soon—the FIP-425/435B, with Android™ and iOS compatibility, ensures compliance with current operator’s processes and enables users to benefit from smart device connectivity (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) directly in the field.

  • Sync results and data with operator’s database
  • Compliance with operator process and requirements for workflow integration and optimization
Fiber inspection probe
Samsung Galaxy S7
multifiber source

ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution – polarity, continuity and connector testing

Test now or put your network at risk

Multifiber push-on (MPO) connectors are increasingly popular because they provide many advantages to high-speed network operators, owners and installation companies. They are used to connect the fastest links that deliver the most sensitive of services and data to customers, enable high-speed interconnects and create redundancy.

Increasingly, telcos are also reconfiguring their central offices into data centers (CORDs) and deploying MPO cables with 12, but more and more, 24 fibers. When not properly tested, multifiber links can put the entire health of a network at risk. Without proper validation, CORD operators may end up having to pull the plug on critical lines at the same time for troubleshooting.

Traditional methods fall short

Traditional multifiber testing solutions often fall short on design or price, can’t perform all three critical tests or don’t offer analysis and reporting capabilities. Customers are left choosing between solutions that are either too much for what they really need (and too expensive) or sorely lacking in features and fit. What’s more, they often have to buy different units to get the job done.

To avoid downtime or unnecessary OPEX and CAPEX, techs need simple, easy-to-use tools—and a clear, reliable method—to get essential testing required done quickly and accurately.

One solution, three essential MPO tests

The ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution takes the three essential tests needed to validate MPO links—polarity, continuity and connector cleanliness—and combines them into one automated solution. It pairs a light source at one end of the cable with a fiber inspection probe for analysis at the other end—a first in the industry. The solution brings together the ConnectorMax Multifiber Source with the ConnectorMax Fiber Inspection Probe to deliver a quick and easy-to-use solution that validates the polarity type, continuity and connector cleanliness of MPO fiber optic links. It provides a fit for purpose solution that helps our customers test and turn up networks right the first time—making deployments faster, more efficient and cost effective.

As many customers already own an EXFO probe, this solution is highly economical. Not only do field technicians already benefit from the best MPO inspection tool on the market that eradicates the number one cause of network failures (contaminated connectors), it now enables them to check polarity and continuity, in just about the same time as inspection alone.

Results are loaded in the ConnectorMax Analysis Software, an app for mobile devices providing clear pass/fail status and reporting functions, making it easy for technicians to perform and view the results of all three of these tests on the spot.

Validate polarity, continuity and connector cleanliness

Polarity-type validation

During installation, MPO connectors must be properly aligned and mated—not as simple as it sounds. Ensuring accurate polarity for MPO fiber array cables is a big deal and can be complicated to manage due to multiple polarity schemes available for these connectors and polarity flipping during connecting and installation. Polarity validation is proving especially critical with the new MPO connectors that enable polarity reconfiguration in the field. Validating the polarity type would ensure that the signal path is the expected one and that the proper Tx will talk to the right Rx.

Continuity confirmation

Confirming the continuity of a link ensures that there is no break and that light travels properly all the way to the end of the link under test. It’s a quick continuity test for cables that, when done at time of installation, can save a lot of time in potential troubleshooting later.

Connector inspection

With the contaminated connectors being the number one cause of network failure, connector inspection is a priority. Bad connectors are the main cause of loss for cables and short links up to 5 km and the impact is even greater for MPO links where a single dirty or damaged connector can affect as many as 12 or 24 fibers.

Solution benefits

Reduce OPEX Reduce OPEX

  • Save time: get a clear pass/fail diagnosis of the problem, whether it is polarity, continuity or connector cleanliness, using one test
  • Save time: get a complete report with a single click

Reduce CAPEX Reduce CAPEX

  • Stop wasting expensive MPO patch cords that are in perfect condition
  • Avoid spending money on overkill products that provide more information than required for the task
  • Invest in a single solution to perform all tests—no need for different testers to test different types of MPO cables

Accelerate and increase revenue Accelerate and increase revenue

With MPO links containing multiple fibers, turning down a link for troubleshooting can effect multiple clients and create customer churn. Using EXFO’s ConnectorMax solution will ensure links are valid and network downtime minimized.


1 MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.
2 The ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution is patent pending.

ftb-5gpro_top_2000x1652 (1)

FTB 5GPro – complete, all-in-one 4G and 5G test solution

The smarter way to test

Building a rock-solid network that’s massively scalable and able to support new 5G services demanded by customers can be challenging—unless you have the right tools and procedures in place. EXFO’s FTB 5GPro test kit empowers technicians and contractors to efficiently validate next-gen fiber-based mobile networks and ensures your 5G deployment is done right.

Where power meets simplicity

Leveraging the powerful and intelligent FTB-1 Pro handheld test platform, the FTB 5GPro is a comprehensive and future-proof solution that takes the guesswork out of test setup, execution and analysis.

The FTB 5GPro is designed to boost field-testing efficiency and deliver high-quality 5G and 4G/LTE networks, on time:

  • Follows standardized, field-proven test procedures
  • Enables technicians at any skill level to instantly interpret results and accelerate outcomes
  • Addresses any potential issues when installing, activating and maintaining mobile networks

FTB 5GPro test kit—helping you get 5G networks up and running fast

A versatile solution empowering field technicians and contractors to efficiently test fiber, RF and the transport network—from the core to the tower and all the way to your subscribers.

  • Fiber connector inspection
  • Fiber link characterization
  • Optical transceiver validation
  • Multi-protocol testing (CPRI, eCPRI/ORAN and Ethernet up to 100G)
  • Timing & synchronization
  • RF spectrum analysis 
  • Intelligent RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
  • Full line-rate gigabit speed testing for validating enterprise and residential customers’ QoE

Go beyond OTDR testing―and leave no faulty links behind

Using a unique and patented automated multipulse and multiwavelength acquisition approach, the field-proven iOLM surpasses the traditional OTDR and linear view, providing expert-level link characterization of any fiber network. iOLM converts complex OTDR tests into clear, accurate go/no-go results through a single-button operation.

Solve RF issues faster than ever!

Ready to adapt as your network transforms, our flexible, modular platform lets field techs analyze FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) bands with a single solution for extreme flexibility and upgradeability. Designed and built specifically for today’s field techs, the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer with over-the-air (OTA) measurements delivers an easy-to-perform and easy-to-interpret experience.

Analyzing RF spectrum over CPRI doesn’t have to be rocket science.

The intelligent OpticalRF (iORF) test application allows technicians to configure, analyze and diagnose RF interference and PIM issues in minutes―without needing to be an RF expert.  The one-button, fully automated test application provides complete analysis of the RF spectrum with a pass or fail verdict.

5G done right: automated 3-step process

EXFO’s proven, automated 3-step process drives operational excellence through best practice testing. Our one-touch, automated processes simplify and speed up testing and validation to boost efficiency out in the field. From installation and activation to maintenance and troubleshooting, EXFO’s field-focused solutions ensure 5G is done right, the first time.

Step 1: Inspect the fiber connectors
Step 2: Perform fiber link characterization
Step 3: Validate RAN equipment 


FIP-500 – fiber inspection scope

Spot on, every time.

What makes the FIP-500 the most reliable fiber inspection scope in the industry? The FIP-500 was designed with not one, but several innovative image capture techniques. This unprecedented visibility of the connector endface translates into optimal accuracy and repeatability.

Equip technicians against the no.1 cause of outages.

Innovating fiber inspection for all

In today’s fiber-dense environments, both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors need to be reliably and rapidly inspected to keep networks running smoothly. Leveraging 35+ years of leading expertise in optical testing, we`ve designed the inspection scope that makes it easy for all technicians, everywhere.

Less handling, more doing.

Tower climbers require a tool that is self-contained and handy to use. The FIP-500 innovates with its tips that can be added with a quarter-turn click. It has never been easier to swap between single-fiber and multi-fiber tips. Bonus advantage: no loose parts that can be accidentally dropped!