FTB Anywhere – floating test licenses

Pushing the limits of cost efficient testing

No more: technician A needs 100G capability, but that unit is with technician B (300 miles away).

Now: 100% functionality for all your technicians, in any testing situation.

  • Flexibility and agility to address any testing situation—always the right solution
  • Increased productivity—more done in less time
  • No idle time

Maximum flexibility within budget

No more: deciding which units and which technicians get the upgrade.

Now: without “upgrading” the budget, all your units and technicians can use the licenses.

  • More testing capabilities without spending more
  • 100% functionality for all your technicians, at all time
  • Minimum investment leveraged throughout your organization

Eliminating logistical nightmares

No more: shipping units for upgrades (with the accompanying costs and delays).

Now: instantaneous access to needed features, no shipping, no delays.

  • No need to ship units—no waybill, no tracking, no customs clearing, no lost or damaged units
  • No need to manage the equipment pool
  • Much simpler operational processes

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