EXFO Connect – cloud-based test management

Make your data mean business

EXFO Connect completely redefines integrated testing with its cloud-hosted solution. Equipped with a powerful database and application technologies, EXFO Connect provides an automated, secure environment that links together your EXFO test instruments and centralizes captured data across your organization. With its powerful correlation engine, EXFO Connects enables you to convert captured data into actionable information through customized test-data reporting and features that streamline test operations from build-out to maintenance.


Test Equipment Manager

EXFO Connect’s Test Equipment Manager is an automated application that centralizes the management of all EXFO test instruments. It’s a repository for software loads, licenses and platform profiles to help managers handle constant demands for software updates. It keeps track of equipment and ensures field technicians are equipped with up-to-date capabilities.


Test Data Manager

An automated application, EXFO Connect’s Test Data Manager provides a secure and centralized environment in which test data is collected, archived and referenced for future use. With test results at their fingertips, managers can create birth certificates, generate reports and set benchmarks. Plus, with database backup, no data is ever lost.


FTB Anywhere: floating test licenses

FTB Anywhere™ is a shared test licenses capability for the award-winning FTB platform ecosystem. This unique approach in delivering advanced test applications enables network operators to purchase a certain number of cloud-hosted licenses that can be shared instantly with their technicians, wherever they are. Operators can thus equip all their technicians with any required test functionality at a fraction of the cost of upgrading their full fleet of test units and simplify equipment-management logistics, while avoiding costly delays.


Contractor Mode

With EXFO Connect’s Contractor Mode, service providers allow contractors to securely connect their test sets to a segregated area of their EXFO Connect server. The contractors’ technicians can download test procedures, configuration files as well as other helpful information, like how-to videos, to ensure faster job completion. Once the job is done, the technicians simply upload the test results, making the files immediately available to the service provider. Consider workflow automation optimized.


Remote control

EXFO Connect allows service providers to remotely control all their FTB based test sets. This is a very useful feature when a technician is having trouble out in the field and needs support. This feature makes all technicians, regardless of skill set, capable of handling any situation.

In Contractor Mode, service providers can also control a contractor’s test set. Since not all technicians have the same level of experience, service providers can step in and provide support whenever needed to ensure that they get the right test results.



These flexible, extendable application programming interfaces (APIs) enable complete workflow automation from work-order upload to test-data filtering and download. Service providers can accelerate work-order assignment and accuracy, and harness the full value of the generated test data in order to optimize network efficiency—all this in a highly automated, secure and centralized environment.


Maximize the use of all your field test assets

EXFO Connect enables you to improve business processes by managing your entire fleet of FTB and MaxTester units to leverage all the data collected by your technicians or contractors. The MaxTester 600 Series of wideband copper and DSL testers and the MaxTester 700B/C Series of handheld OTDRs offers a subset version of the EXFO Connect functionalities currently available for the FTB Ecosystem.

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