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MaxTester 940/945 – telco OLTS

An automated, highly precise OLTS that does all the hard work for you in seconds. And leaves no room for errors.

Meet the MaxTester 940/945 – a revolutionary test set which delivers outstanding speed and optical performances and has an advanced suite of user-assistance features.

With its step-by-step reference wizard and intelligent fault diagnosis, the MAX-940/945 provides expert guidance throughout the test process to ensure immediate efficiency by first-time users while removing risk of errors or negative loss—a common source of issues when testing low loss fibers.

Key benefits:

  • Test shorter links than ever before
  • Test Again feature to re-test bad fibers in just 3 easy steps
  • On-board, step-by-step animated reference assistant
  • Clear pass/fail status with on-board diagnosis
  • Fully automated fiber inspection
  • One-cord Simplex reference method (patent-pending)
  • Online reporting live from the field

Test shorter links than ever before

Thanks to highly accurate optics, this OLTS can test with extreme precision short links with very low loss.

EXFO’s patent-pending one-cord reference method

Greatly reduces test uncertainty for greater test accuracy which is a key factor when testing short fiber links such as drop fibers in FTTH networks.


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