FIP-500 – fiber inspection scope

Spot on, every time.

What makes the FIP-500 the most reliable fiber inspection scope in the industry? The FIP-500 was designed with not one, but several innovative image capture techniques. This unprecedented visibility of the connector endface translates into optimal accuracy and repeatability.

Equip technicians against the no.1 cause of outages.

Innovating fiber inspection for all

In today’s fiber-dense environments, both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors need to be reliably and rapidly inspected to keep networks running smoothly. Leveraging 35+ years of leading expertise in optical testing, we`ve designed the inspection scope that makes it easy for all technicians, everywhere.

Less handling, more doing.

Tower climbers require a tool that is self-contained and handy to use. The FIP-500 innovates with its tips that can be added with a quarter-turn click. It has never been easier to swap between single-fiber and multi-fiber tips. Bonus advantage: no loose parts that can be accidentally dropped!

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