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FTB 5GPro – complete, all-in-one 4G and 5G test solution

The smarter way to test

Building a rock-solid network that’s massively scalable and able to support new 5G services demanded by customers can be challenging—unless you have the right tools and procedures in place. EXFO’s FTB 5GPro test kit empowers technicians and contractors to efficiently validate next-gen fiber-based mobile networks and ensures your 5G deployment is done right.

Where power meets simplicity

Leveraging the powerful and intelligent FTB-1 Pro handheld test platform, the FTB 5GPro is a comprehensive and future-proof solution that takes the guesswork out of test setup, execution and analysis.

The FTB 5GPro is designed to boost field-testing efficiency and deliver high-quality 5G and 4G/LTE networks, on time:

  • Follows standardized, field-proven test procedures
  • Enables technicians at any skill level to instantly interpret results and accelerate outcomes
  • Addresses any potential issues when installing, activating and maintaining mobile networks

FTB 5GPro test kit—helping you get 5G networks up and running fast

A versatile solution empowering field technicians and contractors to efficiently test fiber, RF and the transport network—from the core to the tower and all the way to your subscribers.

  • Fiber connector inspection
  • Fiber link characterization
  • Optical transceiver validation
  • Multi-protocol testing (CPRI, eCPRI/ORAN and Ethernet up to 100G)
  • Timing & synchronization
  • RF spectrum analysis 
  • Intelligent RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
  • Full line-rate gigabit speed testing for validating enterprise and residential customers’ QoE

Go beyond OTDR testing―and leave no faulty links behind

Using a unique and patented automated multipulse and multiwavelength acquisition approach, the field-proven iOLM surpasses the traditional OTDR and linear view, providing expert-level link characterization of any fiber network. iOLM converts complex OTDR tests into clear, accurate go/no-go results through a single-button operation.

Solve RF issues faster than ever!

Ready to adapt as your network transforms, our flexible, modular platform lets field techs analyze FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) bands with a single solution for extreme flexibility and upgradeability. Designed and built specifically for today’s field techs, the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer with over-the-air (OTA) measurements delivers an easy-to-perform and easy-to-interpret experience.

Analyzing RF spectrum over CPRI doesn’t have to be rocket science.

The intelligent OpticalRF (iORF) test application allows technicians to configure, analyze and diagnose RF interference and PIM issues in minutes―without needing to be an RF expert.  The one-button, fully automated test application provides complete analysis of the RF spectrum with a pass or fail verdict.

5G done right: automated 3-step process

EXFO’s proven, automated 3-step process drives operational excellence through best practice testing. Our one-touch, automated processes simplify and speed up testing and validation to boost efficiency out in the field. From installation and activation to maintenance and troubleshooting, EXFO’s field-focused solutions ensure 5G is done right, the first time.

Step 1: Inspect the fiber connectors
Step 2: Perform fiber link characterization
Step 3: Validate RAN equipment 

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