Nova Fiber – Remote fiber testing system

Fiber network lifecycle management

Nova Fiber provides end-to-end link testing, diagnostic and proactive monitoring for any type of fiber network, including passive optical networks (PON) in the FTTP context. This OTDR-based technology, characterized by EXFO’s built-in intelligence and automation, delivers greater efficiency and ease of use, without cutting back on performance and flexibility. Nova Fiber mobile application empowers FTTP field technicians to remotely trigger OTDR tests. This is orchestrated via a cloud-native application server. From end-to-end link loss measurements, to link continuity, OTDR link quality check is done at the touch of a button with contextual guidance such as expected loss budget available for users on the spot. The solution’s cloud-native management software is referenced as FMS (Fiber Management System). It is an innovative platform to control the remote test units, namely RTU-2 (for P2P and PON) and FG-750 (for P2P) based on containers and microservices technology.

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