FLS-110 – optical source

The FLS-110 Optical Source is a handheld polarized source—ideal for field PMD measurements. This broadband LED (typically 65 nm  in the C band) is especially suited to PMD measurements using the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.

Practical Features

The FLS-110 offers CW and 2 kHz modulation for fiber identification, complete status indicators, a low-battery indicator and an Auto-Off function. The unit is housed in a sturdy, waterproof case surrounded by a shock-absorbing holster that protects the instrument in tough field conditions.

Choose between the 1310 nm or the 1550 nm LED models. Both units feature high and low power levels to maximize battery life.

Power to Spare

The FLS-110 features three complementary power sources for extended operation. When the rechargeable NiCd battery runs low, the unit automatically switches to the 9 V alkaline battery backup. An AC adapter/charger is also supplied for continuous operation.

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