EXpert IPTV Test Tools – platform software tool

Powerful IPTV analyzer on the FTB platform

The EXpert IPTV Test Tools application enables FTB platform users to quickly and easily perform pass/fail verification of IPTV installations. It reduces service calls and ensures subscribers’ quality of experience by detecting and clearly identifying (through simple pass/fail indications) any degrading conditions during service turn up. EXpert IPTV can emulate a set-top box and display a real-time video preview, allowing technicians to determine video and audio quality before any other equipment is installed.


Set-top-box emulation

EXpert IPTV Test Tools enable technicians to emulate an actual set-top box. When operating in that mode, the application can join and leave live IPTV channels. Users can view one or several standard-definition or high-definition videos simultaneously, or request a specific one.


Multiple video streams analysis

The EXpert IPTV application can analyze up to 10 video streams simultaneously. It also allows joining (so the user can view the stream) and leaving the discovered and selected streams simultaneously. This time-saving feature can be used for set-top-box emulation as well as in passive mode.


Video-on-demand feature

The video-on-demand (VoD) feature of the EXpert IPTV Test Tools allows the user to request a specific video channel and connect to it. Valuable video metrics and analysis are then provided as well as a live view of the stream.

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